Friday, February 11, 2011

Breast Pumps

Have you been trying to figure out how your going to pay for a Breast Pump? New from the IRS...

Breast pumps and lactation-assistance supplies are now eligible for reimbursement under flexible spending arrangements and health savings accounts, according to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Announcement 2011-14, released February 10.

The announcement reverses the IRS's previous position that breastfeeding equipment did not qualify as "medical care" under Code section 213(d). Analogizing breast pumps and related supplies to obstetric care, the IRS noted that both "are for the purpose of affecting a structure or function of the body of the lactating woman." Expenses in this category are now eligible for the itemized deduction for medical expenses under Code section 213, and may be reimbursed through flexible spending arrangements, health savings accounts, health reimbursement arrangements, and Archer medical savings accounts.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Childbirth Collective

I'm so excited that the Childbirth Collective has the new website up and running! All of us Collective professionals have our own page that you can comment on or ask us questions etc..
Take a look at my profile page-

The Childbirth Collective is an amazing network to use, you can find Birth and Postpartum Doula's, Birth Photographers, Midwives, Prenatal Yoga Instructors, Chiropractors, etc... The mission of the Childbirth Collective is to connect parents with information and education about birth and the options available to you. They have PTN's (parent topic nights) at 2 different locattions here in the cities. If your looking for more information and to be more educated on your birth choices I highly recommend making it to some of the PTN's.

I try and make it to a handful of the PTN's every month so maybe I will see you there!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan. 4, 2011

Wow, it's hard to believe it's already 2011! I've been sitting on the computer this evening working on my profile/bio for the new Childbirth Collective website! The new website should be up and running soon and then you can take a look at my bio!

I've got some goals for my doula business that I want to achieve this year. I want to make it to at least 3 Childbirth Collective, Parent Topic Nights(PTN) every month, I want to look into being a doula for Every Day Miracles and hopefully have the opportunity to work with teenage moms. I also hope to have at least 2 private clients every month! I'm so excited about being a doula and helping a mom be confident in her choices of labor! Happy New Years!